Thank You, Somerville!

We are happy to report that Question 4 has passed, with the overwhelming support of the community. Thank you to all our our fantastic supporters and volunteers!

About Question 4

Question 4 — the Community Preservation Act — allows Somerville residents to invest in the things we most value in our community. By implementing a small surcharge on commercial and residential properties (average surcharge is just $35 per year for homeowners), Somerville will join the 148 cities and towns who qualify to receive annual matching state funds. We’ll raise millions of dollars to improve parks, open spaces and playgrounds, preserve historic buildings, and keep our neighborhoods affordable.

Low and moderate-income seniors and low-income homeowners are exempt from the surcharge!

If you are interested in the full list of Somerville ballot questions, we have a summary document here.

From our Aldermen and the Mayor to our State Senators and Representatives, and diverse community groups all over the city, everyone loves the CPA. Check out the official list of Invest in Somerville endorsers.
A Yes on Question 4 will adopt the Community Preservation Act, which would generate funds to support what makes Somerville such a unique place to live. How does it work? Find all of the details here.
Spread the word — Vote Yes on Question 4! Click here for more ways to help.
Learn how Question 4 will help OUR community!
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148 Town and Cities across the Commonwealth have already passed the CPA.  See how have they invested in their Communities!
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